Why Henrik Stenson does NOT look at the ball at impact?

Viewing the immense Swede in real life there is a novel move in his golf amusement that leads us to inquire as to why Henrik Stenson does NOT take a gander at the ball at effect - the appropriate response may very well be the reason his ball striking is so great!

Henrik Stenson is without question one of the finest ball strikers in world golf. His imperious show at Royal Troon demonstrates exactly how well struck his shots are. In any case, on the off chance that you have seen the Swede in real life you have most likely asked yourself for what good reason Henrik Stenson does not take a gander at the ball at effect. This head development may appear to be uncommon however it is more typical than you may might suspect and can really help the nature of your shots.

One of the greatest myths in golf is that you need to hold your head down. This is regularly a bit of direction that gets passed on starting with one beginner then onto the next. You can watch Rory McIlroy's mentor Michael Bannon discuss this correct point in this video meet. Having the best golf umbrella can help you stay safe from sun ray.

The issue with holding your head down is that you can limit the way your body turns through effect. As we as a whole know, the golf swing put basically is – two turns and a hit. To create genuine power you should have the capacity to have the capacity to move your weight through the downswing (from ideal to left for the privilege hander) while turning your hips and abdominal area.

Anything that confines this move will bring about issues both with the quality and precision of the strike. In Henrik Stenson's case, he begins to pivot his head with his abdominal area revolution before he has really struck the ball. In reality, Stenson is by all account not the only top player to embrace this move. Ian Poulter and, significantly more clearly, Annika Sorenstam both stop people in their tracks towards the objective before they strike the ball. Gary Alliss offers some video guidance on the best way to ace the correct body revolution.

So while noting the question, why Henrik Stenson does not take a gander at the ball at effect, the appropriate response is straightforward, on the grounds that you don't need to. For his situation, it is significantly more imperative that he clears his body. Vitally anyway, you ought to notice how he keep up his spine edge from address, through effect and towards the wrap up. This is fundamental. He may turn his head however he doesn't lift or plunge it.

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